Welcome to My Private Thoughts

Private thoughts is a safe place i created for me. My name is Skye and i have been Molested, hurt, judge and not listen to I have been Force into situations i did not want to be in or I knew was wrong. I created Private Thoughts after searching for a place to express myself freely. Someone close to me asked the rights questions to get me to open up just a little. As a Bi sexual woman , mother  and foster child . i have a hard time finding acceptance. I wanted a safe place to speak. I need to let out my hurt and confusion. Private Thoughts is for any one who don’t feel comfortable to express out loud.

2019 I Became The Real Me

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Gandhi

  1. Such an important message in your blog…accept and appreciate your true self…only then we can thrive and flourish 💟💟