Fucked up trust…

I trusted you… i let go my guard…. i drop my wall and began to truly trust you. YOU FUCKED IT UP!! It makes me sooo mad that our relationship came to this. the fact that you in seconds made me seem like the worse person in the world…. you hurt me. you said things to me and about me to hurt me. i trusted you with my addiction and you used it against me.

why are you so mad with me? you actually wanted to fight me! and i’m so confused why! Its fuck up because of who u are to me its fucked up that something like this brought out truths. you pretended to be my friend you pretended to like me. you used me and did things against me. you never should have been in my circle when the whole time you were against me.

what we had is over and can not be fixed. i no longer trust you. i do not trust to be around you because you think bad things about me. i do not trust to tell you things because you tell others and then use it against me…i wanted that bond with you……but i come first…. My feelings come first. i don’t need anyone judging me. i don’t need anyone in competition with me. i don’t need anyone against me. negative thoughts towards me…. friend family boy girl…. i don’t need it period. i won’t wait too long to stop these in my life.

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