NEGATIVITY can destroy a person slowly!

Most people don’t realize the words that come out they mouth slowly kills a person. Being surrounded by others who express what they think about you or your life can mess someone up! I see that i am the type of person who soak in what people say. it bothers me confuse me and destroys me.

when others tell me negative thoughts about what i had positive thoughts on ruins everything about it….. now i am second guessing and no longer happy about the choices i made. im choosing to do things alone and keep things to myself to have a better life for me. i have a lot of pain and issues in my life and negative thoughts and people i have to stay clear from.

Family friends whatever it cost. my health my life is more important.. i have bad anxiety and i except that i am different. the way i see things and do things. BUT I AM OK with it. leave me be to clear my thoughts. i no longer go to anyone who is not truly happy for me. I don’t want to pretend to be friends with anyone who pretends with me. I have family members who say the worse thongs possible to you. and its like for you to be blood why would you say this.

one thing you say can make a person go home and harm themselves. you never know what a person is already dealing with at they own home. and for you to ruin they day or the rest of they life for saying the meanest thing you can is just wow.

people tell me things all the time. I wouldn’t repeat back to you things I know will truly mess u up. on purpose. don’t scream at me. don’t yell those words. why are you trying to break me.

why are you trying to see me cry. I never understood why people choose to jab you with things they know is close to you.

Im so over it.

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