NO one can be in charge of how my life goes anymore!

I let go of letting people drag me around!

. I begin to say NO to things i don’t really want to be apart of or do. 2020 i changed the way i live which i feel was for everyone else to make others happy or like me…..but why? i realize i was not happy . i was doing thing for friends and family that made me miserable. which led me to drink or smoke to deal with the situation.

Im alone now and to me that is ok. no one telling me who to date to be..where to go..or how to live. me being alone in my own free space i can be my true self. and a year or so of me getting use to being ME the real ME i will allow others back in that wont try to drag me back down. Fuck up my head space or make me be something i’m not.

I was told i’m confused about what i want…but the truth is i know exactly what i want but i know those around me will judge not approve or make fun of what ..who and how i do things. I was told i’m not confident in myself ! what bullshit to tell a person… Im very confidence in who i am and that is why i get the attention i get from the world! but the truth is i’m not comfortable around you! Because i feel this bad energy and fakeness around me…. I want to be stronger for myself. I am writing this new chapter myself. fuck those who don’t approve! fuck those who pretend. i’m no longer at anyone mercy….WHEN WRITING THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE don’t let anyone else hold the pen!

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