what age were you?

Have you been through something and never to any one? how old were you when it happen? did you really understand what happen when it happen to you?. I think our fear really stop us from being open about things like this. Many kids are being touch and no one wants to listen. if my child mention in any way that some one has touch them or made them touch something I will listen and I will get to the truth.

what did you feel like at the time of the accident happing to you? I was so confused. I remember it being dark. maybe two or three in the morning and I remember thinking to myself do he know I’m related to the people house we are in? “why is he making me touch him”.? I closed my eyes and slowly try to pull away but he kept pulling on my hand to go in his pants.

I wanted to scream but I didn’t want to really wake everyone. I wanted to tell my sister but I didn’t really want to start no bull crap. maybe he was drunk and didn’t know. maybe he don’t know that I’m related because I never met him before. but I am a kid. why did he try to make me do that.?

Do you have nightmares?.. I think about his face all the time. I think about what I would do if I seen him again . I seen him once after that night and I almost threw up. I felt my stomach knot all up. I wanted to tell some one I wanted to pull someone to the side and say he did this to me but would they believe me ?

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