Everyday It’s Someone New …

What sucks in my life is once I straighten out one person who been doing me wrong. there is another one already on the path to hurt me. what I’m trying to figure out is why? why do people sit around and think about doing dumb shit to me. im trying to really figure this out. I’m not a mean person . I am a bubbly friendly person . Type of friend that keep secret and let you live your life.

but for some reason people think when they are my friend they are allowed to do this stupid things just to piss me off. so sad that I have friends and family who have an agenda to fuck with me. I like my peace and I don’t like the bullshit. if I see your no real value in my life and you treat me bad then I stop talking to you. family or friends. because what is it really worth letting some one hurt my heart over and over. im thinking not!

I try to really look at my life and try to see why is it I have two close friends. why is it I only talk to three sibling outta like 14! its crazy to me. I always wanted a big family . I wanted to go visit everyone house on holidays and birthdays. but my family is so split and far from Anne another its impossible to do anything. and to those who I am close to near by literally five minutes away hahah I don’t even speak to smh I just don’t get it.

Ya know it’s so hard for people to say sorry or admit they wrong . tell the truth. at our age you would think people grew outta certain thing but they don’t. Im different I have my own mind. so people don’t always connect with me . but at 30 years old I can not baby any one to be what I need them to be for them to be in my life…. either you have that personality or you don’t. smh over it.

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