Everything Can’t be forgivable if everything was forgivable it wouldn’t be so many rules it wouldn’t be so much pain. 

People have hurt me people who are very close to me people who are supposed to be my family people who are supposed to be there people who are supposed to be trustworthy those people are the people that hurt me the most. am I supposed to forgive them I think not.

To me there is so much you can do to destroy a person there is people who wake up daily and figure out how to destroy a person .their are people who go to sleep thinking about how to destroy a person and I feel like there are people in my life like that towards me they wake up every day trying to figure out how to destroy me.

These are people who I brought my kids around these are people who I had trusted and told secret’s to. To me there is a line …to me some people you can’t go back to….I learned to stay away from those who purposely trying to hurt me

I learned that she didn’t really care about me. I learned that someone else is more important to her than me. I learned that she purposely did things that she knew what What was mean. I learned that she Envy Me in someway. The things you do the way you go so far out out of the way to make things go right to make me seem wrong just so I can be the one hurt. .

Mind games to many to keep up with… it I’m done….I’m hurt…I think about how they did me everyday…. But if u want to to be cool with the man whO Sexually abuse you then I understand now the connection you guys have I can’t beat it so I’m a leave it SMH

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