You stole from them

I think woman and men who mess around with people who are still in a relationship and or have kids are just plain selfish.

You can’t possibly be thinking about anyone except you and your happiness… shame on those who take away a child parent.. shame on you for not letting them figure it out without u being in the middle…

You stole from them… you robbed them a perfect life with mom and dad.

You ruined dad being home everyday. You ruined dad and mom waking them for Xmas. You ruined good conversations. You ruined us both witnessing special moments together.

Because you decided to be selfish the kids now have two of everything.

Two homes. Two birthday. Two Christmas. Two new brothers ! Two new people they have to get use to all over again.

Shame on those who don’t ask questions shame on those who don’t wait for that divorce to be final. Shame on you as a black woman to take and ruin another black woman.

Lost all respect for you not respectfully tryin to find out from me what the truth was

You ruin a part of my kids childhood stole what I wanted so bad for them. As a child from parents who barely dated… I wanted my kids life to be perfect. I wanted them to be happy and I wanted they dad to be their super hero! No matter what he did to me ….you stole that…

You have no right to be angry with me!

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