Private thoughts yet public

some one in my family said to me how come you don’t want people to judge you but your posting your life online.

listen people….what I am doing is a form of therapy . Me writing out how I feel when I feel it. help relieve my pain. anger. hurt. and the private thoughts that I have about others without truly exposing them.

but coming online with my thoughts and stories does not mean you get to go through each thing I write and have a comment or bull shit ass concern. your more worried about what I will say about you. what business of yours may go out in the world for people to see.

Even though I am online I know not many people view my post so honestly im not concern or worried. it more about me not you. its about me writing out my feeling and thoughts and anxiety. it for others who many be dealing with similar feeling to read and for me to hope that I may have help someone.

private thoughts are private. but holding things inside of you can release a horrible thing oneway.

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