Here I AM…

Here I am on feb 6th of 2022… and the only thing that crosses my mind is the bullshit I felt with in 2019..2020 and 2021……….just plain annoyed ! But there is good things to everything and one thing that came from it all is me getting a computer and creating this site. It has been a real healing process for me. so many thing would go on in my head and writing it down is clearing me of everything. I do not get many followers yet… For one my crowd of people are haters so they not gonna view…. but I have a couple on here and i’m grateful for the support and hearing me. I AM HERE today feeling next in pain each day. and I hope that my thoughts cross someone and help them in some way.

I worked real hard for inner peace. I decided to be and do what skye wants to do. I choose me . and I am here. HERE I AM

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