How often has something happen to you and you want to tell so bad. Being unheard to me makes me feel unimportant. I feel like my words are not valid. why does this person not believe me. people don’t understand that listening to someone can save they life. a child.. a friend, a person will come to you let you know they been touched wrong, they are depressed, someone is following them…. anything. people like me…. don’t know how to tell people things. I’m afraid to speak my mind because I been hushed or not payed attention to often. I also have anxiety so I think of ever outcome of the situation before speaking .so I would give hints to things. I don’t like lie so if a person directly ask a question I give the truth.

Being unheard many woman have gone through years of abused. years of pain and crying. LGBTQ have become a thing where kids are unheard and killing themselves. in this word today I feel the need to listen to people listen to anyone who needs to be heard. I started my blog on a different website before this one and the whole purpose was for people to get their stories out and be heard. give people a chance to heal and relieve pain.

I let friends know I see they pain. I let people know they are doing good when they are doing good. sometimes that’s all a person need. for me it helped a lot. me typing out my stories and pain .

if you know anyone who you think may be going through something please take the time to hear them. ask them are they ok . if they need help. YOU MAY SAVE A LIFE.

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