People don’t understand how rumors work they don’t understand when You lie about a person and tell someone else that that person’s gonna tell someone else and that person is going to tell someone else and it is a lingering rumor for years.

Some people truly cannot get away from the rumor some people can truly not get over it and people will probably still to this day walk up to you and tell you that they heard this about you and is it true even if it was 10 years ago.

Celebrities get rumors made about them all the time so sometimes I think maybe I’m a celebrity maybe people just really wanna fuck with me and try to destroy me because obviously they are on a roll .with really trying to make this one rumor stand out so people don’t fuck with me.

The worst part of having a rumor spread about you is having a rumor spread about you from your own family member from your own blood bitch from your own father who does that.

For years I have been trying to overcome something that has been the worst year of my life I have been trying to really move on from it I’gined my anxiety from it I started depression and wanted to really kill myself at one point and not being around certain people that I know who might know because of this rumor and yet years later it comes up once again and yet years later he comes up with a different piece like what is wrong with these people.

The sad thing is I tried to confront this rumor and I try to go to the person who made the rumor and tell them what happened and what didn’t happen my father refuse to let that be a fact he refused to let it be truth because if it’s true and that makes him look bad as a bad parent so he tries in every way to make me look like I’ve done something horribly wrong and he did what he had to do ..this shit is bullshit.!

More than 10 years later another sibling of mine is reminding me of a story that my father has told her and never once has she brought it up to me until now and question on weather or not it was true and this is what he had told her. it makes me sad to know that although I am doing good in my life and I have actually spoken to the person that the rumor is with and try to get over the situation.. it was brought up once again.

Stressful Monday morning when I think about something and it bothers me I think about it for days for weeks it’s hard for me to let go of things and for me this was a huge thing for me it was like the story of me going into adulthood like I started off my path stupid with bullshit About things that are not true!

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