Good morning! April is sexual assault awareness month!

sexual assault is anytime some one has touch you when and where you dont want to be touch. if you dont agree to the situation and uncomfortable. they should not be doing it . they should not be forcing you or changing your mind to do anything. most woman and girls are afraid to tell. to speak up because we believe that no one will believe us. we are afraid what might happen to the person if we are related to them. we get rapped or molested and keep it to our self. we become damaged to the point we may think its normal or suppose to happen. I was sexually assault when I was younger. I was terrified to say anything. I was scared to see those people again . not knowing will they do it again. I gained anxiety and became depressed. early went out in public and around other people. I learned to not trust everyone who comes around your family friend or not. I see myself and look at myself different because I was blamed for one situation. I assume to believe that what happened to me was maybe supposed to happen or maybe that is how things go. But it feels so wrong and it made me squeal inside and made me shake it made me feel disgusting it made me feel dirty and it made me hate myself it made me want to hide it made me want to cover up it may not trust anyone. I now know that it was not my fault and I know that it is on the person who done those things to me I learn to say me too I learn to say it happened to me I learn to say I am a victim of sexual assault I am no longer ashamed because I learned it was not my fault I am no longer suffering and dying inside because I know it was not me who created the situation it was them. When you don’t have people around you who tell you what sex is or teach you who are the people that are supposed to touch you or who are the people who are not supposed to touch you you don’t know the difference. When you never had sex before and these weird things are being done to you you try to figure out what is wrong with you and why are they touching you what is it about you that makes you stand out. DONT BLAME YOU. ITS NOT OUR FAULTS. WE ARE JUST WOMAN AND THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST MONSTERS. HELP THOSE WHO COME TO YOU AND TELL YOU SOMETHING HAPPEN TO THEM. LISTEN AND SUPPORT THEM. THE WORSE THING IS NOT TO BE BELIEVE…IT TRULY MAKES YOU WANT TO DIE INSIDE. WE ARE TO IMPORTANT TO LET OTHERS DESTROY US. STAND TALL HOLD YOUR HEAD UP. FIGHT FIGHT FOR YOU!

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