Im entitle to not want to….

I honestly feel like people think you really have to do what they want you to do. So why do you feel like because you think you deserve a conversation that I have to give you that conversation why do you feel that because you want to get things off your chest that I have to do the same.

I am entitled to say no if I choose not to want ruin my energy that I have worked hard for I choose to say no.I know that the conversation will go nowhere. I truly know that anything that I bring up that will allow me to let you know what bothers me you were later on in life use it against me. Why should I give you bullet to my gun??

I don’t want to talk to you I just tell you I don’t want to talk to you I don’t want to be friends with you I don’t want to be around you I don’t want anything else to do with you why am I not entitled to feel that way why do you feel like you have to make me want to be around you because you feel as though I have to.

When I’m done with a person when I truly get feelings in my heart of hatred for a person I have to step back I will try to get out of a relationship I will take myself and remove myself for being around that certain person because I don’t want to hurt that person although they hurt me and caused me to not want to be around them no longer

I choose to move on I choose to live with what happened understand why it happened what it meant when I have it I like to sit and think and go on and on in my head all the possible ways that this relationship can go if I do this or do this or do this

If I feel like even if we had a conversation it was still fail ..because of all of the things that I had held and will finally come out there will be no saving the relationship you’re not going to like me after I know this so I choose a hold that. You Don’t get hurt and go about your way I go about mine

Don’t make me feel like I need to talk to you

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