Starting a business who knew!

Who knew starting a business would be some what hard…. Not because I can’t do what is needed for the business but because I can’t sell as fast as I like!!!

I mean really how do u get people interested into buy candles!!!

I started at home because I am a single mother of three. I love my boys dearly and want to start something of my own that I can pass to them one day.

I see now in todays world you can be your self and show your passion for what you like. People are making clothes shoes bags toys candles everything you name it!

And I think it’s so great now that normal people with normal jobs are able to create and put there passion out into the world!

So I found Etsy and looked into and thought to make a shop and put my candles on there. It’s not a a full website but it’s a shop for people to see and buy what I create. But getting the audience to stop and purchase is hard. They view they view and the keep going… so you ask your self how can you make it better so people will purchase a candle.

My thought is to make and sell other products that goes with the candle. So I am making resin candle holders. And other things .

I found resin to be really fun and to be able to create something that stay solid and shines with color is very cool.

So who knew …it would be a challenge with trying to get more people to stop and adore and buy

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