Kids aren’t ment to be perfect

This is a subject I wanted to speak about because I notice parent put a lot of pressure on their kids now days.

Kids are not allowed to be kids and just have fun.

Kids are being groomed to work and care for their parents…

But what about the kid? Is that there life purpose to start work at age 13 or younger….16 or younger to get jobs and pay their parents bills or work and pay half?

Parent raise kids to be one thing in life which is whatever they want their child to be …

Even as kids normal kids tryin to play and just be normal… they get yelled at and told not to make noise not to sit that way not to put those in the sink….! It’s to much. They are kids. They will be loud! They are kids they will throw things in the sink… pre on the toilet and fuck up all the time.

THEY ARE KIDS.! They are only thinking or toys and sugar! Friends and homework … they forget a lot of things because it’s not important to them… they don’t deserve punishment for everything….harsh punishment for not eating… why force a kid to eat things they don’t like. They may really think is nasty. We yell at our kids to eat things we don’t even eat. Or to stop doing things that we do.

I’m not saying let your kids be free but learn how to be ok with them messing up. Remember they are learning. They weren’t born with all this information they are learning everyday and so are you!

I honestly feel bad for kids when I see them so unhappy about small things… we have to learn to breath let them enjoy life as they learn find fun way to make them eat things or do things❤️💙

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