Working so hard… how was your day?

Im not blogging like i use to. I will find the time to do so again. I have been working really hard to start up my moving company. day and night on the internet. My next step is to get insurance for the company and worker’s compensation for the employees.

I enjoy having a vision about things. Putting it into the light is the hard part. So after spending so many days working on that . I gave it a break. And bounce back to my candle company. Private thoughts candle collections. I have an online store i hand make candles at home. But for me to keep on with my moving company i need funds for it. So here i am up all day and night finding ways to get my candle business out there.

I enjoy making candles and my goal is to get enough bought to buy mire material. Now my goal is to sell more to get more material and pay for my company insurance for the moving company. Hey if you have good ideals and places that i can advertise for free please let me know.

I just added my candles to google search last night at 1 am. Now im sooo fired and i have to get my kids ready for school.

Yes school and yes its summer. Bit two of the tree of my boys go to summer school. So i try to work all day and then be present at night but lord let me tell you working from home is no walk in the park!

But i have goals I believe both companies can work. I just have to work har first to get them out there. My goal is to be able to leave the living company to my sons . I want them to have something when they get older. I want to train them into it and let them take over it one day. I see that for sure! I love them and only think of them so goal goals goals people!

Life is hard and most times i am discouraged but if i stay away from this who discouraged me I believe in myself and i work hard at it!

Dont give up on your small business. Find your passion and funds and get it going! Work to provide for your company until your company is running its self.

Dont change shit stick to your story!

Have a blessed day guys!

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