I bottled it up for to long!

See… the things … I didn’t cut you off just because of the most recent activities.. I blocked you completely out my life because all you done since we so called made up was follow me around and use me ..talk down and bad about me and my kids… you try to give advice or TELL ME what I should be doing with my life… when your stuck just as bad and your stuck in the same spot for years unhappy! AT least I kept trying to leave my situations and fix myself and things around me. when you don’t even have the fuckin balls to try and move on!

You tell me how to raise my children but your is the most disrespectful little girls I ever met. you tell me how to go about my life with my relationship but as long as I known you ..you have never even had one man at a time!. and uses the one you have for a safety net while you live your life on the side. you run to each place I lay my head to bring your side pieces and just assumed that is ok and normal with me and my children in the next room.

I never liked you as a child because u don’t have any respect for your self or the guys you dated… I hated to get to know the boys you dated because I always felt bad about how u was doing them wrong.then blah them for everything.i hated going to the same school as you because people would talk about you and see the things you did and come ask me questions…

I hated you as a child because In our fathers eyes you done no wrong. and he tortured me because you was untouchable because he did’nt want you to ever tell about him touching you.

For years and years I was disowned..talk about rumors spreader about me for something I DID’NT ACUTALLY DO..but yet u did it .. you was doing what every one thought I was doing before I even met you!….which I know now is the reason none of you ever came to me to talk about it or help me or speak up. Im soooo fucking annoyed ! everyone in this family is blinded by shit. no one tell the truth about each other. no one likes each other .we all only come around when we need something from the others…. and pretend everything is all cool.

I open up to you to try to trust you and the one thing that was personal to me and destroyed me as a girl you was ready to tell asap! and soon as we stop talking you ran to our father to tell him these things so he can hurt me…

I don’t fuck with you because you have put my life in danger with your sexual acts.never said sorry. I don’t forgive you because you never acknowledge what you did wrong because then your baby daddy will know all the things you done.

I don’t respect you as a person..sister..or woman.

you have time and time again hurt me and i’m done!

This is a shocked to you maybe because I have never told you I felt about any incident. I bottled up my feelings and pain time and time over to protect you.. I never spoke to you because I did’nt want to get to that line with you… I knew once I finally spoke up about it I was done with you. I knew once I told you how much I hated you I was done with you!

so now i’m done..done..done.done..done.. your not worth getting shot for..lying for.fighting for…helping..your such a mean curl as human being and i’m done! idgaf what family event we both have to attend…(I might not be invited ever because princess boo hoo you!) but if I am I will attend if I attend just know that you have no right to speak to me and I don’t owe you shit! and I don’t care about nothing other then how you treated me in the las5, 6 years… you cause me issues that I to this day still deal with!


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