Fate..what are you destine to do?

Do you ever think about your fate? what are you suppose to do in life? or even how you may die?

I try to not think about that moment yet I can’t seem to get it out my head… but before I get to the bad..lets talk about the good.

I seem to always be connected to sad people. people that need help and or an ear ….I connect to people that have a hard time in life… and I think that is so because I am the most understanding person. to me …everything happens for a reason and to me all leads up to where you should be in life. I hurt so bad in my life and I always have the answer why… to have a person who can sit and talk to you and help you understand why you went through what you did is all a person need sometimes. to put your self in someone else shoes and see what they see.

not only going by your thoughts and feelings for that person.

see my boyfriends never liked me because I always took the other side…if a person is wrong they are wrong I do not attend to hurt people for no reason. if someone is actively coming for you its because you started it and its your fault .most times and i’m the one stopping the drama and trying to make them see why there are in the position in the first place.

i’m more open minded to things very nice person… but people can see that as very bad and annoying…. to be liked everywhere u go can make people jealous and to get things others wanted they whole life can get people mad. but its who you are as a person. and if you choose to be a cool human being…less troubles for you.

I think im here to keep peace and help… I try my best to raise my kids the way I live life so they won’t have troubling lives…

as far as my fate………..I won’t speak of it… I strongly believe in those things so if I write it down… I feel It may come true…and that is not what i’m ready to face. what are you good at? what is your destiny?

what do you think you are meant to do on this earth. in reality I could have a huge group of friends but the way everyone brain works…I won’t be as they call cool… I see things so different its runs most away.

one person …listening to me.. change my whole thing. knowing I wasn’t crazy and someone agreed… or knew what I was talking about …made me open up so much more. and not feel lost anymore or like I did’nt fit in. I no longer hold it in and I no longer care about the judgement after. I choose to only be around those who are ok truly with being around me.

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