House on fire!

I never thought about why this happen to me. I never even tried to figured it out. but the more and more I look at my anxiety and how it affects me…I goes back quite a few years. I think I’ve had anxiety since I was a child. it has always been apart of me.

I remember as a kid I would have these bad dreams. horrible… for a long time it would be one dream and I guess after that fear is over I would move on to another dream that would repeat itself. as a kid I would have these dreams of our house getting broken into. each time I had this dream I ended up in the same place hiding and the same story would play . I would have a dream of our house getting broken into. two men would come in with mask. I don’t remember anything up to me being under the table. im always hiding under the table. as im under there I would here my sibling screaming. I would hear gun shots. lot of running around but all while i’m under the table with my eyes close and I hear all these things going on. eventually I do get found but each time i’m found I wake up. it seems like the more I have the dream im trying to find out what is happening and should I help. but I never move same dream.

until this day I have the fear of someone breaking into my home. I never live alone because of it.

house on fire dream! this dream is more realistic. I say that because I always dove out my bed thinking my house was on fire. it was seem so real! I would wake up to some type of fog in the house and when I say wake up I mean jumping up in panic mode! many time I fell to the floor wrapped in the blanket trying to get to the fire. I would really think I smell fire. and I would really see smoke………but each time I get to the kitchen which is where I always think its coming from I would rush around and see there is no fire. I would see there is no smoke .. no fog. my head my eye playing tricks on me.

I have this over worry about my house catching on would always be the same dream. the same way. I have frighten many boyfriends with this….. most times I just say bad dream…

can you imagine sleeping over to a guy house and you jump outta bed at HIS HOUSE THINKING ITS ON FIRE! Embarrassing for sure. I would never explain anything. I would just leave… but soon realize the dream follows me and its not just my house… its a fear of me waking up in a house on fire.

My anxiety has been in my dreams for years.

so you can problem know right off rip that being candle maker is kinda… the wrong field for me haha im worried all the time about leaving my candle cooker on to high. the first time I turned my little one on it smoked a lot it took me about a month to use it again. I got another thinking that was bad. but its all cool.

I haven’t had the house on fire dream in a couple months.

how can I stop them all together? does anyone else have dreams like this? or am I the only one????????

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