Standing for what u believe is right!

When your fighting for something that you feel strongly about you do stupid things. If your trying to get your point heard and or your way . You make sure no matter what is thrown at you … you stand tall.

No matter what is taken from you… you stand tall. If what you doing will lead you in jail you still stand tall and fight for what you believe in.

But is it worth it? Your fighting for a change or your rights. Is it worth it?

Im sitting here and after a huge debate i stood strong for something I’m truly not ok with. im a feminist and stand for no bullshit that woman have to deal with.

Women are always judge off rip. We are looked at as not able be handle to run the world, operate a business . All the way down to “you don’t know how to use the tools !” and i see it as total bull! For a female that has been boyish my whole life i refuse to be told i can’t do something because i don’t look strong enough or that i will know how to use the tool.

When we are in relationship men have the tendency to want their way with everything. Some men are very controlling when it come to how perfect they want you. Some men can control you by helping you with things and because you need what ever you have to deal with the string’s attached.

Is it worth not doing something if your not happy doing it? Would you not take that job that could make you lots of money because a guy laugh and said you cant handle it ?

Do you not marry this rich man anymore because he also want you to lose 150 lbs and stay home don’t work.

Are we supposed to say yes sir and keep it going. Sometimes most time we feel like we have to. We have no choice. But I’m human just like you i have a choice .

Its my choice to run the world one day . My choice to get that job they say only men do. My choice if i want to lose 150 lbs and my choice if I don’t want to get married n choose to be happy with me and not with u.

What i am losing is a lot and i will have to start all the way over. But . Ill be happy. Because i stood tall won my fight . Although i may be alone…i still can do what i think no one should say “you cant “ or “YOUR NOT ALLOWED”

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