I Don’t trust people!

I’m pretty sure “I don’t trust people” is a very popular line. But I don’t.” I do not trust people”. People lye more than anything in the world. People are good at lying. Some people become better at lying they are telling the truth. I don’t trust people. I have horrible anxiety when I’m around new people anxiety anxiety anxiety. If I’m dating someone I’m always questioning everything they do. I question every sentence they say. I try to understand if they have good intentions or bad. And that is what my world has came to.

It’s pouring down raining as I am typing my blog and I’m trying to understand is it rainy because this is the feeling that I am feeling today. Of course not. The rain has nothing to do with my feelings. But it should. Because I’m constantly feeling like I am crying or drowning inside. I wonder sometimes when will it all be over. why are we put here just to go through so much crap. I am not a bad person why do bad things happen to me. I just want to be OK and left alone. I don’t want any more lying men or women to be around me.

From mother father to siblings I have been hurt in the worst ways. Can you tell me that you have only been hurt by the people who are related to you. Why is that. How come blood is not thicker than water in reality. People you know can treat you better than your own family. But people you know who’s not family can also treat you worse. To me it is bizarre that you do not know.

My trust level is very low I don’t trust anyone and wouldn’t put it past me I don’t believe everybody and the things that they tell me. I need you to show me actions. I am not just going along. Anymore. It is so hard.

I hate when I become vulnerable and trust people and they stab they stab me in the back. Why? is the question I always ask. Why am I the frog at everyone’s party. Sometimes I feel like I have a big sign on my forehead that says this girl right here is the girl that you can get over on. People see how nice I am, and then take it and destroy me. I’ll rather be left alone in my own bubble. My heart cannot take anymore. But yet I cannot let it go. It is very hard for me to move on. When people hurt me. I am always asking myself why. What did I do to deserve it? Why did they do this to me? Very hard for me to trust people when the people who are supposed to love you and care for you.they are the ones that hurt you. We are supposed to trust the ones that we were born into. But it is very hard to.

I don’t trust people.

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