Dont give it up its never over!

Hello ! Im skye ! I am a candle maker. I create home made non toxic candles base around mental health. I love what i do and i want to be a voice. I have anxiety. Anxiety is something that takes control sometimes but in 2019 i got to understand what it is and why i am the way i am. Learning more more about my disorder helped me to be ok with who i an. Knowing I’m not the only one, that help me to be ok with who i am. 

So in the beginning of 2022 i started to make candles. Started as a healing process for me and just to see if i can do it and then i began to like it and thought what if i create candles with empowering quotes. Make candles that explains how we feel on the inside and much more. I have goals i have plans i really want this to work.

I am always on the computer and finding ways that i can get my products known . 

I cant stop now and i cant give up because its someone out there who needs to wake up to a candle saying “its ok” or a candles that say mental health bad days isn’t everyday! 

In my town there are farmers markets that i can attend that i can put my products out there and give back to the world be a voice help those like me.

But i need help i need help to get the supplies to start at the market. I need tables and table cloths etc.. so i come to the world i come to the world to help me . Please donate $1 or more to private thoughts candle collections! Help me to help us ! 

One small donation and I promise to take lots of pictures when i do my first vendor day. Im looking to sell every weekend sat snd Sundays. Once i get the supplies in place i will contact them to get a spot. $150 a week but the goal is to sell everything i make and get it all back and give it all back!

My goal is not to just take from anyone my goal is to get help and repay back. So please donate $1 or more to my cash app . Help private thoughts grow and help be apart of a change in some one life!


Scan QQ code to donate. Also can use my number 7866634463 for zell. any and everything is much appreciated .


These candle are hand poured and created with love. They come in soy and paraffin wax. many different colors ! you have to try. I love mines set up in my room. they make my side table look so good and the smell come off the candles.

Best candle to give as a gift for a special someone.

What color is your bedroom or living room? grab two o four of private thoughts candle and use as decoration !!

choose what you desire at

New color candles coming soon!

The best part about making candles is the creation not your own ideals. To blend colors together or to add pretty flowers and decorations to the candles.

I really enjoy seeing how it comes out . And with my anxiety I always worry about what people would think of them. I have some candles that are so bright and pretty. Some candles I create thinking to make for others and what they like.but I love the light bright colors!!

$8.50 Bubble candles

I really enjoy the process. It’s very time consuming because you do have to wait until the wax cook to a certain temp and you have to wait until it cool off to a certain temp so that part is stressful for me and in the beginning I was impatient but learned the reason why you need to wait and now I do thing while waiting that way I’m not just look at the temperature stick. So I go make labels or view and edit my shop

My little set up which is a lot bigger now

Honestly finding the rights scents that people like I have not got down yet. So please comment your favorite candle scents!!

Using my heat gun to get a nice clean finish before taking it out the molds

There I used aquarium blue and a regular blue. I didn’t use too many color chips for the blue because the aquarium blue was a light color as well . So here I’m making an ombré bubble candle. Some have glitter on the top .


You can find these candles at